"Loud, cumbersome and inaccurate - but extremely powerful. It takes just a single blow from this crude weapon to send an opponent off their feet."
— Description

The Double-Barreled Handcannon is a shotgun available to the protagonist.


Primarily wielded by Scum, the Double-Barreled Handcannon is very uncommon and can only be obtained in the first chapter. It is unlike any other weapon; statistically, it is the most powerful, but it has dire range and accuracy, and heavy recoil. It also must reload after a single shot (both shots are discharged simultaneously). The Double-Barreled Handcannon should not be fired at targets at medium ranges, as the shot will most likely miss entirely and alert more enemies. At short ranges, it is ideal that the player aims their shot to ensure they do not miss, and at point-blank, aiming is not required since the weapon's spread will no doubt take care of the target. The Double-Barreled Handcannon is actually capable of cutting through multiple enemies, provided they are standing at a close range and are near to eachother.

If encountered in the hands of an enemy, the player should keep their distance, as it only takes a single shot to kill the protagonist (regardless of difficulty). If the enemy takes a shot, but misses, he is left vulnerable to any attack since he will need to reload the weapon. It should be noted, however, that infrequently an enemy may decide to drop their Double-Barreled Handcannon if they miss a shot, instead switching to another weapon, such as a Bulldog or a knife.

Real-life equivalentEdit

The Double-Barreled Handcannon is, in its entirety, a fictional weapon, but the design is clearly based upon a generic sawn-off double-barreled shotgun.