The G3 is a battle rifle formerly produced primarily by Heckler and Koch.


The G3 started life as the CEAM 1950, a French assault rifle based on the Nazi MP45M rifle. It was chambered for the weak .30 carbine round, and was deemed ineffective in comparison to other rifles available. The designer of the mechanism for both the MP45M and the CEAM 1950 moved to Spain in 1950. There, he designed the CETME Model A and CETME Model C. These designs were sent off to Heckler and Koch of West Germany, where they were perfected. The Bundeswehr trailed these new rifles, and they were accepted into service under the designation of Gewehr 3, or simply G3.


The G3 quickly became one of the most adopted rifles of all time, being beaten mainly by the Kalashnikov series, the FN FAL and the M16. The G3 is still in service with many armed forces across the world. The G3 is no longer in service with the Bundeswehr, where it was replaced by the G36 due to NATO's regulations surrounding the SS109 (5.56mm NATO) round.


  • G3A1/2/3/3A1/4/4A1/5/6/7
  • HSG1
  • PSG-1
  • MSG3
  • MSG-90
  • Ak4
  • HK41
  • HK90/91
  • PTR 90
  • SAR
  • SR9