Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson

The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson was a public access kid's TV show that aired in the 80's and 90's. David Liebe Hart worked as a puppeteer on the show.


Perhaps the most famous public access TV show, the Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson achieved minor fame for being notoriously (sometimes even disturbingly) bizarre. The format was straightforward: a cast of puppets, fronted by "Albert Hermann", would preach lessons from the Bible and repeatedly condemn alcohol and drugs, while also talking to "special" guests (including a woman who spoke entirely in German, despite it being an English-speaking show). Hermann himself was a young African-American puppet wearing a red baseball cap and a blue jacket with an American flag pasted onto it. His words did not match his lips; the result of poor puppeteering. Hermann often broke out into bizarre religious hymns, which, with his flat delivery, sounded almost cult-like. Another notable character was "Teddy Eddy", who was actually a panda. Teddy spoke in a strange psuedo-English accent. Eventually, Teddy disappeared without a trace and was replaced by an even more bizarre green alien puppet. The show ran for an astounding 20 years or so and amassed hundreds (if not thousands) of episodes.