Pappy Paw




Drug Dealer

Pappy Paw, also known as Mike Aitken, was a highly prolific drug manufacturer, drug user, and ventriloquist. He is widely known for creating (and subsequently becoming addicted to) "Donut Dust".


Pappy Paw was born in Troy, Ohio in 1929. He was the son of a wealthy pharmacologist, Roberto Aitken. His mother, Elizabeth Murdoch Aitken, died in childbirth. 

Pappy served in World War II in the U.S. Marine Corps in Iwo Jima, during which he suffered a major injury to his knee, which would affect him for the remainder of his life.


"Vurn Burd."

During his service, Pappy became a well known ventriloquist, holding shows with his puppet, Vern the Bird, also known as 'Vurn Burd'

After the War, Pappy and Vern rambled around the United States, working odd jobs here and there. It wasn't until 1972 that Pappy would become involved in the illicit drug business. Pappy worked for several different drug barons, one of which included the well-known Mr. Peppermint as a manufacturer. It is widely believed that this is when Pappy's addictions to certain drugs came about.

While working for Mr. Peppermint, Pappy experimented with the chemical formula for cocaine. The result was an allegedly 99.7% chemically pure batch of cocaine, which Pappy named "Donut Dust", due to it's incredibly sweet flavour, similar to confectioner's sugar.

Pappy's drug problem had eventually become out of control, affecting his mental health greatly. He began to exhibit signs of extreme schizophrenia, believing that Vern was a real, living bird. Mr. Peppermint eventually forced Pappy to leave his operation in 1995.

In 2003, Pappy met Claudia Phisher, who would become his wife in 2005. Claudia's mother, Gertrude Phisher was a drug user, as well. In 2007, Pappy, in a drug fueled episode, broke into a stash of donut dust that belonged to Gertrude, claiming that it was Vern's fault. Gertrude, enraged, tore apart Vern, and verbally berated Pappy. Pappy, furious at the 'murder' of his best friend, killed Gertrude.

Pappy whereabouts were unknown, until January 2012, where his body was found in an alley in Dallas, TX.


Pappy's cause of death was determined as a heart attack, due to a so-called "overdose of marijuana". It is claimed by Dallas police "...he took four whole marijuanas."


"You know if Ma ain't happy, nobody's happy."
— Pappy Paw
"Look at it! It's sugar!"
— Pappy Paw

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