Prospector Weejus
Weapon class

Prospector of sneff

"Weejus told you where to go!"
— Prospector Weejus refers to himself in the third person.

Prospector Weejus was a miserable cunt who lived near Blenkinsop's Farm. He questionably collected gold nuggets in the countrysides of Yorkshire.


Prospector Weejus' early life is completely unknown. At some point in his life, he moved to a cottage in Yorkshire, England, and started to collect gold. This caused problems with an old hag who owned a farm nearby, known as Blenkinsop's Farm. In order to cease the rivalry between the two, Mrs. Blenkinsop hired contract killers known as the "Chuckle Brothers" (some kind of sadistic, twisted joke name). The brothers, Paul and Barry, confronted Prospector Weejus on their way to Blenkinsop's Farm, but were intimidated by his battle cry of "WEEJUS! WEEJUS! WEEJUS!", and so they retreated to Blenkinsop's Farm. At the farm, they started to build a "sneff" to stop Prospector Weejus from attacking the farm. It did not work, however, and Prospector Weejus rightfully owned them when he confronted Paul and made the compelling argument: "It does - ah own the rahtes!". Meanwhile, Barry got fresh with Mrs. Blenkinsop's lemons. After the whole ordeal, Prospector Weejus was never heard from again.


"Never heard of ya! *beep* off!"
— Prospector Weejus telling Barry and Paul to get lost.
"Clear off mah land! Ah know what you're after, yew wanna get your hands on mah cum!"
— Prospector Weejus gives Paul and Barry a good telling-off.
"Ahwenewyawawewenewewen WEEJUS wewenewewen WEEJUS WEEJUS WEEJUS!"
— Prospector Weejus intimidates the Chuckles.

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