SR-3M 'Vikhr'
SR-3M Vikhr
An SR-3M 'Vihkr' carbine.


Early 1990's - Present


Russian Federation


Tula Arms Plant




9x39mm Subsonic

Magazine size

20 or 30


The SR-3M 'Vikhr' (meaning 'vortex', 'tornado' or 'whirlwind' in Russian) is a Russian carbine produced by CNIITochMash and manufactured by Tula Arms Plant.


The SR-3M was originally produced as the SR-3 by CNIITochMash in the early 90s. It was desinged as an AS Val carbine, however it did not adopt the AS Val's integral suppressor in order to reduce overall length. The SR-3 was trailed by the FSB and was successfully adopted, however the FSB modified it after adoption as the SR-3M. The SR-3M features a redesigned folding stock and handguard, and a collapsible foregrip. The iron sights were also completely redesigned. The SR-3M is also compatible with 30-round magazines.

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