This page is about the Section Five Firearms Ltd. Submachine Gun.

G173-13mac-10 1

A Section Five Firearms MAC-10 copy confiscated by the Metropolitan Police in July 2013.


This submachine gun is a copy of the Ingram MAC-10 that incorporated the Uzi magazine well. It used double-stacked Uzi magazines rather than standard MAC-10 magazines and fired from a closed bolt. Section Five Firearms Ltd. started producing these firearms in Tunbridge Wells during the late 1970's and initially they were produced only in semi-auto or deactivated models but they quickly fell into criminal hands. Some firearms dealers modified them to fire fully-automatic. A considerable amount of MAC-10s have been confiscated by the police in the UK, a lot of which are those made by Section Five Firearms. Recently four men in Hackney were arrested for possession of a MAC-10 submachine gun which seems to be a Section Five model.