The unoffical flag of the ANA. With the official being that ANA sign to your right.

The Auglands is a lush and growing country with huge hatred on the ones who think they are her superiors. It is led with a Augistic type goverment (a variant of Nazism). The head of the country is our beloved Fuhrer Augustus Fredrick Clifford. A man of true English descent with a love of Sherlock Holmes.

Very early HistoryEdit

Back in the day, we were elite soldiers like the Teutonic knights. We were clashing with the knights of the Arbetery, A ancient Monastic order of scumbags that were ancestors to the AMA, we won, forbidding the Arbetery from coming back to the Auglands, but one day, The forces of CoD have marched onto us, they crushed us, but, the next part, were the following events.


My ancestor, Evi the Brave, after a battle with the Knights of Arbetery.

History Edit

It was first recognized by the CoD council on the 26th of March, 2012. Arbies armies were not pleased with a new country, so they had converged upon war with the Auglands with they're allies, the Peoples Facist League, led by 11lbe1. After 5 days of intense fighting, The brave soldiers of ANA led by the brave Vice General Penis Monkey 1st Class EviHard (i got promoted c:) broke into Fanboy Plaza, the capital of PFL, crushing 11's forces. Arby, scared to death, surrendered and the war ended with a treaty of Black Ops, stating that if there was any more fighting, the ANA would kick they're ass again like they did before.

The ANA Edit

The ANA (Aug National Army) Is the brave backbone of the Auglands with over 500,000 elite soldiers. The army is willing to kill any man they see. This wiki details the ANA's weaponry, with the fuhrer being lazy to make uniforms.

Arby be jelly.

The right hand man Edit

Well, since i'm writing this, i have to give myself credit, I am the head of the ANA and when there is a war i just go to extremes and yell "STOP! I KEEL YOU!". - EviHard.

The end Edit

This wraps up the detail of our glorious country, should there be any questions, write it down in the comment box below.