The Hypnotic Eye
The Hypnotic Eye

The Hypnotic Eye was a cable-access comedy show that aired exclusively in Dallas in the late 90's. It was created by Joe Riley.


The format of The Hypnotic Eye was a mish-mash of bizarre sketches presented by an orange puppet with no face, but a single large eye (hence the title). Despite the unconventional setup of the show and the lack of budget, the show was surprisingly popular and ran over the course of a few years. The running time for each episode was about an hour, with the first episode being aired in 1996. Joe Riley, the show's creator, has since passed away.


  • Joe Riley - creator, cameraman, puppeteer
  • Mystery Man(?) - 2nd cameraman
  • Dan "the Man" Hangen - Edit coach, additional input
  • Alan York - Edit coach, transportation
  • Juan Garcia Esquivel - Music
  • Kenneth Weinert - Additional input
  • Jeff Johnson - Additional input
  • Bob Self - Additional input
  • Jason Cohen - Additional input
  • Barbara Cohen - Additional input

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