A view of ANA's traning regiments. Much to our liking, we had common fights like this out in the field.

The PFL Conflict (motherfuckery) is a decisive turning point in ANA history. It was ANA's first armed conflict, lasting 5 days and had a casualty of 457 men. 2025 men of which were wounded.

Origins Edit

When the Auglands were independent, the forces of AMA and PFL, led by Arby and 11, declared war on us, thinking it was fun destroying a newer country that isn't ready for war. They said they would crush us, we said fuck you.

The imgur front Edit

Imgur was a must have and was a turning point in the war, with ANA crushing the PFL with they're pure pictures of awesomness, after this, they had marched onto Fanboy Plaza, the capital of PFL.

The battle of Fanboy Plaza Edit

The brave forces of ANA broke in, Mercileslly killing every PFL soldier on sight. After 45 minutes of intense fighting (chat chess to be exact) The glorious forces of ANA broke inside the President's bunker, and Genreral EviHard witnessed his own brother, 11lbe1, the leader of PFL, shoot himself. After that, he said "meh." And got out with a bottle of Kvass in one hand, and a C4 detonator in the other, barely 15 seconds later, he walked out pressing the detonator, destroying the bunker, with 11's body.

Treaty of Black Ops Edit

After a minor conflict with Arby's forces, and The death of 11, Arby was scared so much he wet his pants and surrendered with 2 conditions: He gave maiden Strike's hand to the Fuhrer, and when there is more fighting, the ANA would pwn them like they did before.

After party Edit

We celebrated this victory with hanging the banners across Fanboy Plaza, and got into a local bar and drank and emasculated captured PFL soldiers all night long. After all, things went out good.

Casualties Edit

We only lost about 457 men, with 50,000 of 11's men dead, and 534 of Arby's men dead.