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The Vzor 1958, usually shortened to 'Vz. 58', is a Czechoslovakian assault rifle produced by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod.


Although the Vz. 58 resembles a Kalashnikov variant externally, internally it is very different. The firing pin is a striker, not a hammer-struck pin. The Vz. 58 uses a pivoting locking block, attached to the bolt, to lock the action when fired. Around half a kilo lighter than the AKM, the recoil of the Vz. 58 is considerable in fully-automatic fire. Hence, the Vz. 58 is often used as a semi-automatic rifle. Production of this rifle began in 1958 and continued until the mid-1970s. Some models continued to be produced until the early 80s.


  • Vz. 58P - The standard Vz. 58 model. Features a fixed wooden stock.
  • Vz. 58V - Similar to the Vz. 58P, but with a wire folding stock in place of a wooden stock.
  • AP-67 - A Vz. 58 variant chambered for 7.62mm NATO. A version chambered for 5.56mm also exists.
  • Klec LMG - A light machinegun variant of the Vz. 58, featuring a longer barrel and bipod.
  • Vz. 97 - A modern variant of the Vz. 58, produced in 1997. Features a carrying handle and a folding stock.
  • Vz. 97 Sniper Variant - Similar to the Vz. 97, but with a longer barrel and a scope, as well as a cheek rest.
  • Vz. 98 Bulldog - A Vz. 58 variant with a folding stock and grenade launcher.
  • Vz. 58 Tactial - A tactical variant of the Vz. 58, featuring a plastic handguard in place of the original wooden one. Tactical rails are fitted on the handguard, and most models are fitted with a detachable foregrip. Also features a folding wire stock. Popular with non-military shooters.
  • CZ-2003H - A modern variant of the Vz. 58 with a shorter barrel, smaller magazine and tweaked pistol grip.
  • CZ-2003H Tactical - Basically the same concept behind the Vz. 58 Tactical, but implemented onto the CZ-2003H.
  • CZ-2003H Tactical Carbine - Ditto, but with a shorter barrel.
  • CZ-2003H Tactical Sniper Rifle - Ditto, but with a longer barrel, detachable scope and foregrip and fixed plastic stock.
  • Vz. 58 MAO - A Vz. 58 variant with a larger stock, smaller magazine capacity, tactical bottom rail and bipod, and a scope mount.
  • Vz. 58 Hunter - A commercial Vz. 58 variant intended for sporting and hunting purposes. Externally very different from the base Vz. 58. Most external metal parts are replaced with a smooth, wooden finish. Pistol grip replaced with rifle stock. Chambered for a less powerful round. Reflex sights can be attached.
  • Pazba - Basically the base Vz. 58 with an SVD-style stock and pistol grip. Handguard is slightly modified.
  • PKP KSK - A Vz. 58 variant featuring a tiny magazine capacity, rifle stock and large handguard. Intended for sporting and hunting purposes.
  • Vz. 58 Pi - Similar to the Klec LMG. Features a muzzle compensator. Later models include a different stock with a cheek rest and a drum magazine.
  • Vz. 58E - A Vz. 58 variant with a modern pistol grip and a green plastic handguard and stock. Note: The Vz. 58E and it's variants are all avaiable in 5.56mm.
  • Vz. 58E FS - Ditto, except with a folding wire stock.
  • Vz. 58E SB - Ditto, except with a short barrel.
  • Vz. 58 Sporter Carbine - A Vz. 58 variant with a folding wire stock and a short barrel. Available in either 5.56mm or 7.62mm NATO.
  • Vz. 58 Sporter Compact - Ditto, but with an incredibly short barrel.
  • CSA Tactical - A Vz. 58 variant with a tactical handguard and adjustable stock. Chambered for 5.56mm.
  • Vz. 58 Sporter - Similar to the Sporter Carbine, but with an SVD-style stock. Available with a STANAG magazine adapter, allowing it to fire SS109 5.56mm rounds.
  • Vz. 58 9mm Carbine - A Vz. 58 carbine that is chambered for 9mm Parabellum. Features a folding stock.
  • Vz. 58 9mm Compact - Ditto, but with an incredibly short barrel.
  • Samopal Vz. 58 - A Vz. 58 variant chambered for either 5.56mm or 7.62mm NATO, featuring a folding stock.
  • Samopal Vz. 58 Tactical Entry - Ditto, but with an incredibly short barrel and foregrip.

Additional NotesEdit

  • The Vz. 58 appeared in the movie Full Metal Jacket, in which it was wielded by a female Viet Cong sniper. She uses it as a sniper weapon to kill Doc Jay, Eight-Ball and Cowboy, but fires it fully-automatically in an attempt to kill Joker at the end of the movie.