XM8 Series
A first-generation XM8 AR.






Heckler and Koch




5.56mm NATO

Magazine size

30 (200 for XM8 LMG)


The XM8 Project is a series of weapons designed by Heckler and Koch of Germany. The XM8 series was designed to replace the M16A2 as the US Army's standard-issue infantry rifle. The final result was a weapon that was near-identical to Heckler and Koch's G36 assault rifle internally, but in a larger (and therefore heavier) plastic casing, with an 4x optical scope attached in place of iron sights. Described as fragile, heavy and unreliable on the field, the XM8 project was cancelled on October 31st 2005.


  • XM8 AR - The standard configuration for the XM8.
  • XM8 Carbine - A shorter-barreled version of the XM8 AR.
  • XM8 Short Carbine - A short version of the XM8 Carbine.
  • XM8 Compact - Identical to the XM8 Short Carbine, but without a stock.
  • XM8 Sharpshooter - An XM8 AR with an in-built bipod.
  • XM8 LMG - An XM8 AR with a longer barrel and an in-built bipod. Most models were issued with C-Mags.
  • XM8-R - Similar to the XM8 Short Carbine, but with tactical rails in place of the scope and on the handguard. Most models are issued with a foregrip.
  • 2nd Generation XM8 Carbine - An improved version of the XM8 Carbine. The barrel length is shorter, and the scope can be detached easily.
  • 2nd Generation XM8 Compact - An improved version of the XM8 Compact. The barrel length is shorter, the scope can be detached easily, and the fixed stock is replaced with an adjustable wire stock.

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